The Brick Masters are professional trademen who specialize in all your concrete, masonry and construction/repair needs
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The Brick Masters specialize in Masonry or Concrete repairs/alterations for all your future projects
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The Brick Masters specialize in Masonry or Concrete repairs/alterations for all your future projects

Block Piers & Wrought Iron Fence- Corrigan Storage

My experience with John Kuziel was amazing. It was late 2002 and we were just breaking ground on The Corrigan Storage facility in Mt. Clemens, MI. I had received many quotes for pretty much every aspect of construction. John approached me out of the blue and asked if I was still accepting any bids. I felt it wouldn't hurt to have him give me a price so I showed him my plans. His masonry quote was 60% lower than the next bid. I immediately gave him a deposit and permission to start ASAP. John approached the job is a tactical manner and I was truely impressed. The block towers were completed in 3 days. I then decided to go with him on installing the iron fencing as well. His price for that was lowest as well.

In the eight years since, I haven't had a single issue arise from John's work. With absolutely no maintenance, the block
and fence still look like they were put up yesterday. I constantly receive compliments from many people including the Mayor of Mount Clemens who personally thanked us for the way the construction process was handled and the beauty it brought to the community. In my opinion, going with The was the best way to go.---John Corrigan- Corrigan Storage

Wrought Iron Gates Wrought Iron Gates
Concrete Ballasters

I have hired The Brick to work on many of our projects going back almost 10 years now. It has been a pleasure every time. I never had any problems with them what so ever. Their prices are great, they are fun to work with and they really do produce. I recommend them to anyone for all masonry work. They offer a lot of different services and them do them all very well.
--Dan Tollis_ Masonry Concepts

Concrete Ballasters Masonry Ballasters Masonry Ballasters Masonry Ballasters Masonry Ballasters
Chimney Repair & Re-Construction

They matched the brick and old mortar very nicely when they rebuilt our chimney. The job was fast, clean, inexpensive and done right. I am completely satisfied with the work they did.

Chimney Rebuild Chimney Rebuild Chimney Flashing Chimney Rebuilt
Decorative Walking Path

John & The Brick were referred to me by a carpenter that was remodeling our home. John was great to work with. He answered all my questions about materials, procedures and costs. He was upfront, honest and turned my visons into reality. I will definiteiy use The Brick again in the future.
Stephanie-- Mount Clemens

Decorative Walking Path Decorative Walking Path

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