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The Brick Masters are professional trademen who specialize in all your concrete, masonry and construction/repair needs
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Masonry is a construction practice using a collaboration of natures finest and most common materials. 

Masonry has insulating advantages lesser construction practices do not. It is weather resistant and can be made waterproof or to hold water. It is considered a "green" and renewable trade that man has been practicing since ancient times. With forethought and maintenance, masonry structures have proven to be timeless.
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Masonry structures can crack, spall, or deteriorate over time. This is usually caused by constant exposure to water. Water can eventually seep into the porous molecular composition of the unit itself, promote organic growth, freeze, thaw, and eventually destroy the bond.  Unfortunately, most problems with decrepit masonry arise from poor craftsmanship such as improper flashing, lack of wall ties or using low grade mortar or materials. It could also be related to poorly draining/leaky gutters, leaking pipes or faucets, roof issues or improperly pitched concrete. 
Fortunately, this can all be repaired to a like new status by our highly skilled masons.

You can count our highly skilled masons to fix any masonry or concrete repair you may have.
When masonry repairs are necessary, it must be done by the highest skilled masons. Careful details must be placed on obtaining the correct matching brick regarding its size, color, and texture. Also, the mortar must be properly dyed and special aggregate added to match the color and consistency of the old work. After we are done, the objective is to make it impossible to distinguish where the repair was made. That is THE BRICKMASTERS GOAL. We are capable of repairing all veneer or structural masonry problems with satisfaction and performance guaranteed.

Whether you are seeking new construction, alterations, or repairs call The Brick Masters TODAY for all your masonry and concrete needs!
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The Brick Masters specialize in Masonry or Concrete repairs/alterations for all your future projects
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The Brick Masters specialize in Masonry or Concrete repairs/alterations for all your future projects
We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality masonry concepts with satisfaction and performance guaranteed.
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