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Concrete is a wonderfully durable material that is available at a low cost and has many fine properties and applications. Concrete can be chip-proof, scratch-proof and stain resistant. It is considered a green and renewable material because it can be crushed and re-used.  Concrete is weather resistant, slip resistant, immensely strong, and incredibly inexpensive.  

Concrete can be made quite appealing to the eyes and touch. It can be finished as smooth as porcelain or polished to a shine similar to glass or marble. Staining concrete can generate unique looks similar to varnished wood or wet stone.  Pictures, paintings, logos and crests can be incorporated in concrete anywhere. Concrete can be colored, etched, inlaid, overlaid, stenciled, stamped or sealed in any vertical or horizontal application.

Concrete belongs inside the home as well. Counter tops, sinks, tubs, and jacuzzis are ideal for decorative concrete.  With radiant heat technologies, concrete can be heated inside the home or out. No more cold feet inside or shoveling snow outside! On smaller homes, the energy generated by radiant floor heating will be more than enough to heat the modest home, saving thousands of dollars on energy bills.

If improperly installed, concrete is susceptible to many types of failures. Pitting, cracking, chipping, heaving, sinking or separation are all things that may occur.  A poorly constructed base, lack of strength, poor mix of materials or poor finishing tactics may have doomed your project while it was still in it's infancy.  Sometimes water is to blame. Persistent flow of water can wash out the compacted base of your concrete causing cavities and allowing it to settle in a way that promotes cracking, heaving or separation.


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The Brick Masters specialize in Masonry or Concrete repairs/alterations for all your future projects
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The Brick Masters specialize in Masonry or Concrete repairs/alterations for all your future projects
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